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NOVEMBER 24, 1998

Speaker: H. JOHN SHAMMAS, M.D. speaking on 3 Dimensional Ocular Ultrasonography

Our speaker,Dr. John Shammas, professor at USC, School of Medicine on 3D Ocular Ultrasonography

Dr. Yvonne Weisz encourages card sales for the season greetings project

Guy Shultz of HELIOASIS Digital Imaging sponsors the bar.

Dr. Harvey Golstone, RHOS President, conviens the society meeting

Dr. Weisz details the Greetings Card project for RHOS

Dr. Goldstone with the AOSA Scholarship recipients: (from left) Eric Brooker, Dr. Goldstone, Corey Hodes, and Mike Vernon

Drs. Rice, Sokol, Weisz, & Shimada offer Seasons Greetings Cards outside the meeting room

Dr. Shammus speaks to RHOS

Scenes from the Meeting